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Music, art and theatre have always taken place and been developed through cross-border contact, today more than ever before. The academic staff and students of the Art, Music and Theatre academies collaborate through various networks and have close contact with sister institutions around the world. A lot of this contact is regulated through networks such as Nordplus, Socrates/Erasmus and Tempus.

The academies sign agreements for student and staff exchanges, as well as short- and long-term development projects at different levels. Alongside these organised exchanges, there is a wide range of informal contact that is and always has been of great significance. The combination of organised activities and informal contact provides a multi-faceted platform for international exchange. The study programmes in the fine and performing arts have an international atmosphere, which enables individual students and academic staff to consider the focus and standard of their work in a broader context.

Studying abroad is a rewarding experience that provides knowledge and memories for life. Students make contacts that prove useful in their later careers and develop their subject knowledge, language skills and awareness through their new surroundings and a new culture. International experience also makes students attractive to prospective employers.

The Inter Arts Centre (IAC) is also active in international networks with higher education and art institutions, as well as practising artists, which result in international collaborations at IAC and abroad.

As Lund University’s activities become increasingly international, the demands for staff to have an international perspective and international experience also increase. A major focus in professional development is therefore ensuring that staff are able to live up to the demands of operating in an international context. To this end, activities are offered such as international study visits and placements, incentives for language training, international courses and conferences, and staff exchanges.


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