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LUCRIS, Lund University Current Research Information System

In LUCRIS you can enter information about yourself as a researcher, your projects, publications and activities which become searchable in an external web portal that presents all research at LU – open to all.


About input and reports

Your name, your organization and contact information are retrieved directly from Lucat. You may add information about projects, activities and publications that you want to display on your personal page.
LUCRIS also includes other kinds of research information, such as information about researchers, groups, projects and research related activities.
The information you enter is available in a public portal for an overall view of research conducted at LU. You may also create your CV and reports based on it. You and your research is searchable based on topic, projects, publications, and your name. It facilitates for scientists to find each other, establish collaborations as well as to make themselves visible to donors.

LUCRIS provides good opportunities to re-use information. For instance, individual researchers can export their personal information from LUCRIS, make CV print-outs and link information directly to various websites. Other users (department, external partners etc.) may also download and use information directly from LUCRIS.
It is also possible for the university, the faculty and the departments to collect statistics from LUCRIS for summaries and reports.

All publications previously registered in LUP are transferred to LUCRIS.

Sign in

To edit your personal LUCRIS page, sign in with your Lucat-id:

The public portal is found here:


If you need help with LUCRIS you should contact the central support called Lund University Servicedesk. You can submit any question to the central support who either answer your question directly or send your question forward to the local support at the faculty (depending on the nature of the question). 

You can reach LU Servicedesk here:
Via mail: servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se
Via telephone within LU: 29 000
Via telephone outside LU: 046-222 90 00

More information

More detailed information about LUCRIS, user manuals and support information will gradually be posted on the faculty web site as well as on the university employee website: is Lund University’s new research information system at Lund University (opens 11 April 2016).

Useful links




Short guide to LUCRIS:

Detailed guide to LUCRIS:

Short guide for doctoral students:

Initial Guidelines


According to Rector's decision in June 2013 LUCRIS will replace LUP (Lund University Publications) as the registration interface for scholarly publications. LUCRIS will be introduced in the spring of 2016.
LUCRIS is managed by the sectionl Research and Innovation in conjunction with Lund University Libraries.


Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts in Malmö:
Visiting address: Bergsgatan 31 B
Mailing address: Box 8084
200 41 Malmö
Tel: 040 - 32 54 52
kanslik [at] kanslik [dot] lu [dot] se