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Francisca Skoog

doktorand - musik

PhD student, pianist, psychologist

General questions concerning the communication between musicians and audiences form the background to this PhD project in artistic research. Considering the lack of systematic, research-based studies of musicians’ communication from inside perspectives, this project is designed as an introspective, longitudinal, case study with a focus on musical creativity, interpretation and knowledge development.

The aims are to (i) investigate my artistic practice and communication with different categories of listeners, and (ii) develop working methods for introspective studies, to be used by other pianists and instrumentalists.

For as long as I can remember, playing the piano has been about mastering a piece, to be able to play what I had heard someone else, older than me, perform in concerts or on recordings. The audience was often dad or mum or a neighbour or a “real” audience in a traditional classical setting like, for example, a concert hall. That kind of audience used to terrify me (and still sometimes does), to the extent that I performed with ”fear” as the one predominant affect.

The audience in a traditional classical music setting is often an “anonymous mass” sitting silently waiting for my performance. In my research I explore the way I interpret music, the impact it has on the audience, if I am affected by the response from my audience and in what way. What happens in the space between interpreter and audience? Is my artistic work influenced by an “expected communication”, and in that case how? 


Francisca Skoogh

Francisca Skoogh
Fotograf: Rickard Söderberg