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Pågående projekt

Henrik Frisk

Ongoing research

Text as sound and sound as text

Building on one of my main research interests, Self and otherness, above, this project is expanding on the work that I have done within the SixTones. The main idea is to investigate how (i) speech as sound with syntactical meaning compares to (ii) speech without syntactical meaning (as in a language one doesn't understand) and (iii) sound as music. What may the musical response be to text as sound as compared to text as language with or without a semantic meaning. This clearly puts the focus on the identity and community creating aspects of language – attaching to my previous work on the self, the social and the political – and provides a set of data that we intend to feed into the artistic processes in various ways. This project is a collaboration between Malmö Academy of Music and Humlabbet at Lund University, as well as the Music department and CCRMA at Stanford University, California.

Localizing nature and composition

Also following up on the intercultural work done within the Six Tones but expanding this into new countries, this project is an extension and further focus of my research area Artistic research as an actor in social and political thinking above. Together with long term associate Stefan Östersjö and ethnographer Robert Willim of Lund University I will make excursions, according to current planning into North Africa, and work locally attempting to use our own artistic practice and adapt and intersect with that within the country we are visiting through a few artists/musicians. Nature, local and composition should be thought of as keywords in the widest sense and in many combinations. This project, along with the prior, continues the political thread that has become very important to me. The prospect of using artistic research to shed light on, and offer alternate descriptions of problems and social challenges that lie ahead of us, is very promising in my experience, and provides a stimulating context for artistic research.

Contemporary methods for improvisation

Expanding the field of improvisation is yet another of my main interests but at the surface this project may be seen as a means to narrow the field of improvisation. Its goal is to approach some of the leading jazz improvisers in the world and meet with them in practice, in a rehearsal space as well as in concert, and attempt to understand (on the level of performance) and document their creative modes. As such the project is an experiment in terms of group documentation and reflection and an honest attempt to map knowledge which is in every regard missing from the common channels of knowledge.

Documentation of artistic research projects

To begin with not an artistic project but rather an attempt to follow up a thread in my thesis as well as an attempt at providing useful methodological tools to artistic researchers. This project will form an essential part of both Localizing nature and composition and Contemporary methods for improvisation and will be a platform for documenting, discussing and sharing artistic research results. I have funding to start up an ethnographically oriented artistic and artistic research project in free jazz improvisation the aim of which it is to attempt to map aesthetic threads and tacit knowledge within the practice of guest musicians with a strong individual style.